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Residential Visits

Oak Class Skegness Residential – July 2017


Day 1

Hi everybody!
Wow, what a super busy day!! Firstly, we have to say how incredibly amazing our pupils are!!!!!! They have all been superstars!
We arrived safely at 1.30pm & had dinner straight away. Everybody enjoyed their hotdogs while they settled into the house.
Once we’d chosen our bedrooms & unpacked our clothes we headed down to the sea front & had an ice cream in the beautiful sunshine.
Back to the house for tea & a game of bingo before having a go on the rodeo bull! All of the pupils were amazing, giving 100% & encouraging each other!!!!
After a little chill out, everybody had a nice shower after a busy, hot day & all into bed just after 10!
As always, we couldn’t be prouder of our wonderful pupils & how amazingly well they’re settling in a new place & joining in so beautifully!
We’re all excited to see what tomorrow brings! Look out for some photos on Facebook & another email tomorrow evening


Day 2

Hi everyone,
Day two has been pretty wonderful!
After a quick breakfast we went bowling, everybody loved it! Lots of strikes & happy faces!
Back to the house for dinner before a visit to the aquarium!
After tea, we strolled down to the beach & enjoyed a quick paddle before a drink on the seafront! Everybody was beaming!
Shower & supper with a film before bed!


Day 3

Hello there everybody!
What an action packed day we’ve had, here in Skegness!
Most pupils enjoyed karaoke & dancing this morning while a few others chilled out with a film.
We had a quick dinner before heading out to Butlins. The pupils had a fantastic time on the rides in the beautiful sunshine!
We were treated to tea out at the local chippy, before stopping off at a lovely bar & sitting on the terrace watching the world go by! It’s hard to believe we’re in England with the lovely weather.
Back to the house for bedtime routine & a few games.
I’m sure you’ll all be thrilled to hear how well the pupils are representing the school, we’re exceptionally proud of them all!


Day 4

Hi everybody,

Day 4 has been a little different, but nonetheless fabulous for our pupils.

Everybody had a leisurely morning before heading out to the shops at 10.30. We enjoyed looking round & treating ourselves to a few little bits. We must give a special mention to Chloe who could only think of others when buying bits, she really is a gem! At 12 we went to the funfair, everybody loved this & some pupils were particularly brave, going on big rollercoasters.

Back to the house for a roast dinner & a chill out before going to the arcade! Mark & Manda won the jackpot on 2 different games so everybody got lots of treats from the prize store – yay! Mark’s favourite bit was collecting all the tickets

We popped back to the house for a quick tea before some pupils enjoyed another go on the rodeo bull, while a few of us popped back down to the arcade to see a special friend of ours, everybody was very excited!

We finished the day with supper & a film.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how lovely everybody has been again – it almost goes without saying now! We are so fortunate to have spent a week with such incredible pupils!!!