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On Monday 22nd July (last day of term) school will finish at 1:30pm rather than the normal time

Early School Closure – Friday 21st December 2018

Dear Parents/Carers/Taxis


Early School Closure – Friday 21st December 2018


On Friday 21st December 2018 school will close early at 1.30pm to pupils.


School will re-open to pupils on Monday 7th January 2019.


Please see the latest holiday dates below.


We wish you a safe and happy Christmas break!




Pupil Holiday


Monday 7th January 2019

Friday 15th February 2019

Monday 18th February 2019- Friday 22nd February 2019


Monday 25th February 2019

INSET DAY Friday 15th March 2019

Friday 12th April 2019

Monday 15th April 2019- Friday 26th April 2019

INSET DAY Friday 15th March 2019


Monday 29th April 2019

Friday 24th May 2019

Monday 27th May 2019- Friday 31st May 2019


Monday 3rd June 2019

Monday 22nd July 2019

Tuesday 23rd July 2019- Monday 2nd September 2019


Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Friday 25th October 2019

Monday 28th October 2019-Friday 1st November 2019


Monday 4th November 2019

Friday 20th December 2019

Monday 23rd December-Friday 3rd January 2020

Bank Holidays: 25th & 26th December 2018, 1st January 2019, 19th April 2019, 22nd April 2019, 6th May 2019, 27th May 2019 & 26th August 2019, 25th & 26th December 2019.

Inset/Training/Planning Days: 15th March 2019.