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Alfreton Park Community Special School Learning together for personal success
From September 2020 school meal prices will increase from £2.10 to £2.20 (Primary) and £2.40 - £2.50 (Secondary) per meal

PE and School Sports

PE and School Sport

We pride ourselves as being a very active school with lots of physical activity on offer. This includes; swimming in our very own hydrotherapy pool and at the local leisure centre, horse riding, activities through P.E lessons, sherborne sessions, as well as joining in with festivals and competitions across the county.


Swimming at Alfreton Leisure Centre

Swimming at the leisure centre takes place weekly, with pupils having a taught 30-minute lesson through Derbyshire County Council swimming teachers. Pupils are supported by school staff who help to develop their water confidence, teach the importance of water safety as well as basic swimming skills.

The sessions are extremely successful with lots of weekly progress being made.

Please contact Katie Turner (Larch Class Teacher) if you would like any more information or specific progress on your child.


Horse Riding

Horse riding is on a rota basis and often takes place for 6 week blocks. During these sessions pupils get the opportunity to ride on different horses, learn about grooming techniques, teach the importance of caring for other animals, naming different parts of the horse as well as developing the confidence to communicate with the horse.


Festivals and competitions

So far during this academic year we have had the opportunity to take part in an athletics festival at the local leisure centre developing a range of sports skills.

  1. have boccia, futsal and many more sessions available throughout the school year. These are fantastic opportunities to meet other school groups and participate in new sports.




During enrichment pupils have the opportunity to take part in weekly curling sessions which are provided by an outside agency. This enables pupils to work on a variety of skills to include turn taking, target practice and accuracy. For many of our pupils this is a weekly favourite.

Evidencing the impact on school swimming