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Alfreton Park Community Special School Learning together for personal success
Please be aware school has a new telephone number. It is 01773 483330.

Principles and Aims



We are committed to providing high quality specialist education where the individual needs of our pupils are met in a small group setting with high staffing ratios.

We provide a broad and relevant individualised curriculum which promotes learning and independence skills. The curriculum is planned and delivered by skilled and experienced staff.





We aim:


  • to provide an exciting, interesting, stimulating and high quality education
  • to provide interesting and relevant inclusion opportunities for our pupils
  • to enable all of our pupils to achieve their full potential through access to our school curriculum
  • to provide a curriculum with balance, breadth and progression
  • to develop social and communication skills, personal independence and self-advocacy
  • to provide education for all; valuing and respecting cultural diversity, gender and disability
  • to provide a safe, supportive and appropriate environment that promotes learning
  • to encourage self-motivation and independent learning
  • to promote appropriate behaviour and encourage self discipline