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Pupil Attainment and Progress

Curriculum Policy


Recent developments in education and our changing school population have led to some significant changes in the way we approach learning at Alfreton Park. These changes are all set out and explained in our new Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment Policy. The assessment section describes our approach to pupil attainment and progress.



How much progress do pupils make?


There are two main assessment methods we use to record and review the progress made by pupils at our school:



1) Individual Learning Plans

Each pupil has their own personalised targets linked to their own Education, Health and Care Plan. We review the progress made towards these targets on a termly basis.



2) B Squared Assessments

B Squared is a software company that specialises in educational assessment resources for children and young people with SEN. We use B Squared frameworks to assess all pupils each term, which provides us with a common language to use when we talk about each pupil’s overall level of ability, and the strengths and needs they have in different areas of the curriculum.


Both of these assessment resources inform our discussions when we talk about the progress pupils make, but it is also important to acknowledge progress that is harder to quantify. The other main mechanism we use for reviewing the overall progress our pupils make is the Annual Review meeting. This takes place once a year and is attended by families, school staff, external professionals, and the pupils themselves. We talk about successes and challenges in all areas of learning, and review the content of each pupil’s Education, Health and Care Plan.

2017-18 Outcomes

The documents below summarise and analyse our P Level* assessment data.

2018 -2019 Outcomes

*As explained in our new Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment Policy, we are no longer using P Levels for assessment. We saw the Rochford Review as an opportunity to take a new approach, and we are now using ‘Engagement Steps’ and ‘Progression Steps’ on B Squared, alongside many of our colleagues in the Derbyshire Federation of Special Schools. More information can be found in the linked documents above.