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On Thursday 22nd September, Western Power will be interrupting the electricity supply to the buildings on Alfreton Park. We will open to staff at 10.30 to allow them to prepare for pupils, and pupils will arrive at 11.00. We will then close slightly early at 15.00 to ensure we don’t run into any trouble should the power go off at 15.30

School Choir

Welcome to our Choir!


Choir practice takes place at 1pm on Tuesday lunchtimes with Ruth.

Hello, In Choir we have been working really hard to learn our new songs for the Young Voices concert in January 2020. It would be great if you could listen to the songs at home to get to know them and you can all sing along together and have some fun. We have been working on the Pop medley and Name that Toon as the young people already know some of these songs.



Your child can access the Children’s Music Room via this link:

This is your access code ‘YV2020’ for your child to view all the lyrics and dance moves.

Have fun!