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Alfreton Park Community Special School Learning together for personal success

Teaching and Learning


What Do We Teach?

We teach the subjects of the National Curriculum adapted and made relevant to our pupils. The curriculum is individually adopted to our pupils learning. We promote communication, social skills and independence skills through all our lessons.


We take a holistic approach to communication using expression, gesture and symbols and signing alongside speech. We develop communication through a range of strategies such as Picture Exchange Communication (PECS), Makaton sign language and other augmentative and alternative communication such as eye gaze technology, switches and Ipads.



Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education – PSHCE

Personal, social and health education is a very important part of our pupils’ school day. Through this subject we help our pupils achieve the maximum personal independence care and social skills.


Our careers education and guidance programme links closely to PSHCE. Learning PSHCE helps all pupils develop as individuals in a wider society. Pupils learn to understand themselves physically, emotionally, socially and sexually and to understand their relationships with others.


All pupils from Year 9 upwards participate in a range of work related learning activities which may include work experience placements, college link courses, vocational academies and visits to employers.


Sex Education

The Governing Body has determined that sex education be offered as part of the Personal and Social Education curriculum and taught with due respect to parental wishes. Parents have the right to withdraw their child and should discuss this with the Headteacher if they have any concerns.


Individual Learning Plans (ILP)

All of our pupils have an ILP which is developed as part of their person centred learning. We work towards long term aims that will improve the young persons life and that of their families. Targets are set in consultation with the young person where possible, and their parents. Additionally, school identifies next steps in learning and includes targets relating to mobility needs, communication and personal and social skills development.


Reading and Phonics

We use the ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme to guide the teaching of phonics and Oxford Reading Tree Scheme, supplemented by a range of books to increase the number of books on a reading level to develop reading.


Reading in everyday situations is very important to our pupils and reading for independence is an important part of our work on encouraging independence.