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Alfreton Park Community Special School Learning together for personal success

Transition – What next?

Starting school

We aim to ensure that all transitions throughout our pupils life are well supported and allows for continuity in care.


Sharon, our family support worker will link with all new pupils and their parents to ensure that the move to school is as smooth and stress free as possible.


Moving class

In response to parents comments,  we have improved communication between staff to ensure that all information is passed on effectively when pupils move class.


Pupils communication passports and learning journeys support transitions and communication of needs.


Leaving school

From year 9 discussions at annual reviews focus on preparing our pupils for the next stage in their learning.


Most of our pupils move on to college and our personal advisor – Pernille Vaughan  – works closely with pupils, parents and staff to identify the best options available for individual young people.


These person centred planning meetings aim to involve social care and health services to ensure that every aspect of the young persons care is considers and a plan is formulated to meet their needs. Planning is focused on where the young person would like to be in the long term and ensure that they consolidate and build upon their knowledge and skills in order to reach their personal goals.


College is not always appropriate for all young people and we endeavour to ensure that for these young people suitable alternative provision is in place.


Some of the placement our student move onto include:


Chesterfield College

Derby College

Portland College

Parkwood Centre


[click on the college to link to their website]


Individual Learning Plans (ILP)


All of our pupils have an ILP which is developed as part of their person centred learning. We work towards long term aims that will improve the young persons life and that of their families. Targets are set in consultation with the young person where possible, and their parents. Additionally, school identifies next steps in learning and includes targets relating to mobility needs, communication and personal and social skills development.