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Ukulele Group

Welcome to Ukulele Ensemble



Recently, members of staff in school have started a Ukulele Group. The aim of the group is to learn to play the ukulele and then bring this into the classroom to share with the children.

Even after a very short time the group is making progress and has already led a school sing-along in the hall.  Group members are singing regularly with the pupils in school and feedback has been extremely positive. 

The next step is to begin to pass our skills on to the children, and some are already asking if they can learn to play.

Keep an eye on this page for all the latest ukulele news!

February 2020


So we held our first pupils' group this week. As you can see, it went really well and the guys had a lot fun! 

The group will now meet every Wednesday lunchtime and all pupils are welcome.



Group sing along

Still image for this video

Rockin All Over The World - Ukulele Play Along - Easy

Ukulele play along - Very Easy Rockin All Over The World - Status Quo This is one of the first songs we learn and the ukuleles in the video match the colour of the chords we use (Rainbow method).

Johnny B Goode Ukulele Play Along

For educational use. Optimized for GCEA ukulele. Key of C. As performed by Chuck Berry, transposed up a whole step. I had wanted to make this video play along video since hearing about Chuck Berry's passing in March of 2017. So here it is four months later.