Early help is providing the right support to families, at the right time, to achieve change that lasts. It puts the child at the centre of everything we do and can be provided at any stage from pre-birth to teenage years. Early help services can be delivered to parents, children or whole families, but the main focus is to improve outcomes for children and prevent any situation from escalating.

At Alfreton Park, we offer early help through our pastoral team lead by Josie O’Donnell and consisting of the headteacher, deputy headteacher, family liaison officer and school nurse. The family liaison officer’s role is to develop close working relationships with parents and carers to ensure our young people have access to the opportunities and services to which they are entitled.

​Our pupil wellbeing team offers early intervention for our young people. This is individualised work, delivered on a one to one or small group basis. This may consist of working through topics such as bereavement, self-esteem, anxiety, helping our young people with transitions, self-regulation and social interaction.

​The pastoral and wellbeing teams oversee each child’s well-being, mental health and safeguarding. The teams work closely but have identified roles allowing pupils to engage with different staff and approaches.

​If you need to contact our school regarding early help, please telephone 01773 483330 asking for Sharon Walker.

​Pastoral Team:

Josie O’Donnell:  Headteacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead (Lead)

Emma Durham: Deputy Headteacher / Online Safety Lead / Designated Safeguarding Lead

Sharon Walker: Family Liaison Officer, Mental Health First Aider and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Caroline Taylor-Trowbridge: School Nurse

Pupil Wellbeing Team:

Lynne Radlett: Lead Thrive Practitioner

Tregonie Marsh: Thrive Practitioner

Jasmine Allen: Apprentice Pupil and Family Support Worker

Matt Clemens: Horticulture Lead

Alison Drake: Horticulture Support