We recognise the challenges our pupils face and the need for them to understand respect, develop resilience and be ambitious, aiming for the moon and falling amongst the stars. All of our pupils are capable of contributing meaningfully to society and in their local community there are increasing opportunities to do so; our role is to facilitate this by working closely with stakeholders to effectively equip pupils with the necessary knowledge and skills for their next stage.

An image of the future we seek to create…

Alfreton Park School’s vision is that pupils, staff, families and the local community collectively learn and progress together in a stimulating, safe and supportive environment, reaching their maximum potential in all aspects of their life.

We aim to promote independence at every given opportunity in a safe and nurturing environment.

Through consultation and direct work with our stakeholders: families, pupils, staff, governors and members of the local community, we encapsulated common views and themes into our three school values;

We are caring

We are brave

We aim high

The link below expands further on each value.

APS Values

Our tag line is ‘Happiness and Wellbeing at our Roots’ and we firmly believe that pupils who are happy and whose mental health and wellbeing is cared for, will flourish.

We will review these every other academic year and ensure that all stakeholders feel that they still reflect our core values and beliefs as a school community.