What is Thrive?

Thrive is a therapeutic approach to help support children and young people with their emotional and social development.

The Thrive approach offers practical strategies and techniques and is built around online assessments which identify pupils’ emotional development and provides action plans for their individual needs.

Research has shown that how we behave is linked to how we feel, and our emotions are linked to how we learn. By teaching children to recognise and notice these feelings and emotions it can help with their development and learning.

Children and young people sometimes need some extra support with their emotional growth and this can be temporary or over a longer period of time.

Thrive promotes their emotional and social growth by building positive relationships and helps them explore and understand their feelings through various activities.

Why might my child attend a Thrive session?

Many children experience difficulties during their time at school. These may include:

  • Difficulties with friendships.
  • Struggling at playtime.
  • Finding it hard to settle in the classroom.
  • Becoming overwhelmed by large or whole-school events.
  • Finding it difficult to manage their strong feelings.
  • Not knowing who to turn to when feelings are too big to manage on their own.


These situations can lead to many different feelings which may seem overwhelming at times. They might include: anger, frustration, sadness, loneliness, confusion or anxiety.

All these feelings are very normal and happen to a lot of children. The Thrive sessions are to help children learn to manage their feelings and teach them strategies that will help promote their learning at school.

What will happen at a Thrive session?

Sessions may include: story-telling, conversation starter games, board games, arts and crafts, sand play, movement and relaxation, role play and puppet work, and of course caring for Ewie and Violet, our Thrive guinea pigs.


We aim to:

  • Provide a safe and calm environment for children to develop their skills.
  • Enable children to take pride in their achievements and enhance self-esteem.
  • Help children to manage their feelings and develop skills to enjoy and participate in all areas of school life.
  • Use positive approaches to manage all behaviours.


More information

For mor information about the Thrive approach see the website: www.thriveapproach.co.uk or contact our licensed Thrive Practitioners Lynne Radlett or Treg Marsh if you would like any further information about how we implement Thrive at Alfreton Park.

The Thrive Room

We have created an inviting, safe, and relaxing environment in our Thrive room where 1:1 and small group activities can take place, away from the classroom, and many pupils have started to benefit from Thrive sessions with positive and successful outcomes.