We love to see what our pupils do when they move on from Alfreton Park School. We discuss options in Review Meetings from around Year 10 so we can ensure that the transition between school and their next placement goes as smoothly as possible. The Derbyshire Local Offer has links to different options and we encourage parents and pupils to go and visit as many different places as possible so they can get a good idea of what is available.

Here’s what a few of our pupils have been up to:

Cara’s Journey……

Kye’s Journey…

Sam’s journey…

Oh wow! It’s been such a change but a very exciting one…

Kye now does volunteering work at Barnardo’s on a Monday. He lives at Assisted Living now so he has the responsibility of getting up and remembering everything he needs for the day and he does this perfectly. He loves Barnardo’s and has made some lovely new friends along the way.

He goes to Portland College on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and is absolutely thriving! He loves it so much. He is now learning BSL and going to monthly discos at Portland. He whizzes around there, talking football to everyone and in such a short space of time they all know him and think he is amazing (there was never any doubt that they would).

We have then found a beautiful day centre at Ripley called A. Berrie services and well, wow! I can’t tell you how amazing this place is! He catches the bus himself every Friday and Saturday and goes from 9 until 4. They have a full games room, pool table, gym – it’s just fantastic and Kye absolutely loves it and again, he has met some absolutely amazing people.

Kye lives at Alfreton now but we have a few options for long-term that we are looking at.  He loves it at Alfreton though as he pops up to see me and Alexia whenever he wants as he is amazing on the bus!

Leaving Alfreton Park was such a strange experience as we have had you by our side for a for a very long time and Kye misses you all dearly. He has got most of his old class friends’ numbers so he plays Uno with them most nights 😊

Alfreton Park will forever have our hearts but Kye was definitely ready to spread his wings and gain even more independence.

Kye hopes to get a minute out of his busy schedule to come and see you all soon – it’s just been so busy since leaving.

Hi Everybody!

Here is a little update about Sam-the-Man.

After Sam left school, he had a busy 6 weeks holiday visiting his new home which was still being built. The care agency who had helped look after him since he was 4, were building him an annexe where he could live permanently with 24-hour care. His mood swings at home were proving difficult to manage and the distance to travel to Portland college was going to be another big challenge. He moved out of the family home on 10th September.

Sam loves his home. He reacted well to social stories and was happy to compare himself to other adults who he saw living away from their parents. It’s a move I was dreading but have never regretted. Sam became a beautiful and confident young man and no longer a large frustrated, shouty human. He was so ready to start his next chapter.

College went really well for Sam. It was 3 days of activity and new friends. They tailored a course that fitted Sam like a glove and he loved it. He’s just completed his 2 years but is maintaining connections by accessing the sports activities and discos in his free time.

Trying to find “work” activities for Sam has not been easy. He volunteers as a litter picker in a Mansfield Park and is about to start attending local social hubs. We’ve had to concentrate more on the social side of involvement in the community rather than the world of work. The world of work with its physical / financial constraints are not ready for the gorgeous, differently able people…yet!

Sam remains physically fit and well which I am so grateful for. The carers help him maintain his weight, though he still loves a good takeaway. More than anything he is happy. And that means everything.