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On Monday 22nd July (last day of term) school will finish at 1:30pm rather than the normal time


Move at the Enham Trust is a UK based charity expanding the use of the Move Program throughout Europe, bringing opportunities for mobility and independence to those with severe physical disabilities and/or complex needs.


The Move Partnership works with Local Authorities, schools and organisations to enable disabled individuals to reach their full potential.


At Alfreton Park we have been delivering the Move program for four years. We have a wide range of staff trained as Move practitioners.


We select pupils for the Move program who have complex physical needs of various ages and cognitive capabilities.


Alfreton park strongly believe that all pupils have the ability to achieve their full potential.


In order for Move to take place successfully a whole team approach is needed.


Members of the team consist of the pupil, family, school, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, Move team and respite care.


The Move leaders, lead trainers, practitioners are Marie Redfern & Heather Burton.


If you need any information on Move please contact us on

01773 832019



Visit The Move Partnership at their Website:


If you need any information on move please contact us on

01773 832019

Visit The Move Partnership at their Website:

Move in Action!

See the movie below where one of our Move pupils is working towards a goal of being able to stand in one place without support for a minimum of 30sec.


J.W Move Video Nov 2018

Goal 2:

When sitting on the bench J.W can turn to choose which activity he would like to take part in. (B5) Can keep trunk in aligment when legs are pivoted a minimim of 90 degrees to the left or right while sitting